The Medium is the Message, the Medium is the Massage, the Bureaucracy is the Message, the Bureaucrazy is the Massage … und der Erlass hat über uns entschieden und ist Post geworden, gesteuert von Zeichen, gestanzt in DIN, unterfertigt a.a.O.

[…] the Word of God is not a message separate from a person, as what I say is separate from me, but indeed is a person. This person, the Word or Son, becomes incarnate in Jesus Christ. He utters human words, as do other men, and these words convey truth. They are indeed God’s words, for Jesus is God and what He says comes ultimately from His Father, Who is also God. […] Jesus full message in any of his utterances is not merely his utterance but his own person, the Word. […] Jesus Christ, God and man, is in his own person the Good News, the Revelation of the Father. He is what he means. He is also in a mediating position between the Father and man. In this case it would be completely true that the medium is the message. 

Walter J. Ong: Communications Media and the State of Theology. In: Cross Currents 19 (Herbst 1969), S. 462–480, hier: S. 464f. 

Das lachende Berlin, Revue, 1925